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'Confluence has worked with us over the last year to develop bespoke mental health and wellbeing awareness training with a particular focus on stress management and organisational change. Laura and Rob are easy to work with and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in this field. They have been able to build trust and rapport throughout the organisation very quickly and surface a series of underlying issues impacting on organisational wellbeing.'                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dr Tamara Djuretic - Assistant Director of Public Health, London Borough of Haringey

Confluence Partnerships Limited is an independent consultancy specialising in research, development and training in the connected fields of mental health, criminal justice and organisational wellbeing.

Relating our extensive experience of the delivery of front-line services to the strategic, we work intelligently with policy makers, commissioners, senior managers, front line teams and the users of services to support the formation of shared responses to challenging and complex issues.

Founded in 2009, Confluence works with clients from the public, private and voluntary sectors and delivers a range of services including:

  • Programme initiation, development and management.
  • Research, analysis and strategic feedback.
  • Consultancy and training to front-line teams and managers around mental health and wellbeing in the workplace - follow this link for more information.